The point of this blog

This blog is purely me finding interesting articles, pictures, stories and hadeeth to give to you. It is not for me to write about myself and share my life with you (if u wanna know more about me, visit this blog), it’s easier for me to post on that blog, cuz it’s what happens to me in every day life whereas for this one… I’ve been extremley busy and have not been able to search the internet for anything to really put on my blog… which is why it’s been kind of empty latley. I will try my hardest inshaAllah to find things for this blog, but at the moment I’m pretty much screwed, having no time to do a lot of things I intend to.

I hope that you will still visit this blog and be on the lookout for a new post (:-0) and still love this blog as you have in the past. (That’s if I have any fans :P)

I just want to get my exams out the way, and inshaAllah, when the summer holidays come, I will focus more on this blog that on any others. The reason I’m not doing anything now is because I dont want to do anything halfheartedly, if I’m going to do something, I want to do it properly and not just give you something which is bland and has no effect on you.

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