Some times, things don’t turnout how you want them to

Sometimes you don’t get to do things that you want to do

Sometimes, people don’t see what’s going on inside of you

Sometimes, you get moody

Some one calls, but you don’t want to know who

Because you’re moody

Sometimes life’s not fair

Sometimes you get stares

Because you are a Muslim

Because you wear Hijab

Because you have a beard

Because you are a “Terrorist”

Sometimes people don’t want to listen

But instead they whisper

They gossip

Maybe about you

Maybe not

But they don’t want to listen

When you tell them something is Haram

You get ignored

They look bored

What do you do?

You surrender

And you become a pretender

Pretending you are muslim

But really, you’re not

You’re not

Sometimes life isn’t perfect

But don’t take it out on religion

Sometimes there is a collision

Of different ways of life

And you feel left out


So you abandon your religion


Follow the Qur’an

And the sunnah

And you will never feel abandoned

Nor deserted

Because you will be in Allah’s hands

(Not literally)

But He will look after you

If you look after His deen

His religion

Maybe then there will be no collisions

Because your  way of life is going  to be Islam


Submitting yourself to God


And following the way of his Prophet


Sallahu Alayhi Wa Salam

So do your best

To ignore wordly thoughts

Of hate



And instead, focus on Your Religion


It might be a quest

And a half

But do it for yourself

For your own behalf

Turn back to Allah.

What do you think? please don’t forget to comment. 🙂


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4 responses to “Life

  1. omg love it! MashAllah! 🙂

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