Priorities, Boonaa Mohammed

Ya Allah, if you were to take me in my salat,
Take me as a believer
I pray that the angel of death is half as beautiful as half of the beauty
Created by my Creator;
Take me yesterday if it means I’ll get there sooner
The warm wet water dropping from my wudhu’
I beat the sun this morning in order to stand before You
But don’t need to thank me, Your Prayers are long overdue
All I ask is for my intentions to be clear and true
The Ka’bah in line with my nose
Hellfire under my toes
If this is it, please make these life’s prayers legit
Cos I am nothing but a servant
Please Master give me guidance
Bring me closer to Your Deen
Far away from Shayteen
Only five times a day
I wish I could pray infinite
For all you could have given me
For all that you have taken away
There is no excuse from me to say,
Allahu Akbar

I state the obvious
Body in perfect condition
As I stand in front of my Lord trying to prove my dedication
Walking the thin line between hope and fear
Words coming out crystal clear
As though Judgement were hear
The humility combats the lives
I told them that I used to do
When I am closest to Truth
A vessel of submission
His recognition is my Quest
Hands folded at both palms
Gaze is lowered upon the spot at which my head would rise
When the warm wet water still covers my eyes
I cherish the Dunia (World) like I cherish sunny weather,
Wonderful at times but doesn’t lasts forever, so
Ya Allah if you should take me in my solat,
Please have my last words be the last words of AlFatihah
Right before ‘La ilaha illallah, Ash hadu anna muhammadarrasuullullah’
For you my God, I will hold and cherish this faith for this is a test
And we always do worst in the subjects that we hate
I am still ashamed
Of my heart used to contain
You, you sent me blessings again and again
Your Mercy uses words that I simply can’t explain
The Honour that I feel and the love that I maintain
Forehead, nose, knees and toes
All pressed before the Lord
Before I rose
I chose
To make a prayer of my own
Ya Allah forgive me for my sins
As though they were not my own
Help me to pray as though I was saying my final goodbye
As my bouncing finger lets me know that I am still alive
I swear to God
I do not feel comfortable swearing to God
Because I’m not sure if my faulty words would even do Him justice
Soon and every day, I send peace and blessing upon His Prophets
Empty my mind like banks empty my pockets
Only His interests are in my best interest
Were my prayers answered only one knows best
I’ll try it again soon, inshaAllah
The rest are in the Hands of Allah subhanahu wata’ala

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