Important Prophetic Advice

Ibn Abbas may Allah be pleased with him and his father, reported:

I was riding behind the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam (on a beast) one day when he said to me, “O son, I am going to teach you some advice:

1. “Observe Allah, He guards you.”
Obey his commands and avoid his prohibitions, He protects you in this world and in the world to come.

2. “Observe Allah, you will find Him ahead of you.”
Observe the limits set by Allah and His Rights, He brings you to success and supports you.

3. “When you ask, ask Allah, and when you seek help, seek the help of Allah.”
When you need a thing, ask Allah for it, and when you need help to accomplish any of your affairs, then seek the help of Allah, particularly in the things that only Allah can provide such as curing sickness, providing sustenance etc.

4. “And be certain that were the whole Ummah to collaborate to benefit you, they would never benefit you except in a thing which Allah has already foreordained for you, and if they were to collaborate to harm you, they would never harm you except in a thing which Allah has already foreordained against you.”
This reflects deep faith in the Qada’ and Qadar, it’s good and evil consequences.

5. “The pens are lifted and the sheets have become dry.”

6. “Recognize Allah at times of ease, He recognizes you at times of difficulty.”
Fulfill the Rights of Allah and the rights of people at times of ease, He helps and relieves you at the time of your difficulties.

7. “And rest assured that whatever misses you, it would never befall you, and whatever befalls you, it would never miss you.”
If Allah withholds a thing from you, it will never reach you. And if Allah grants you a thing, there is none to withhold it from you.

8. “And you should know that victory comes with endurance.”
Victory against the enemy and the ego depends on perseverance and endurance. Patience is one of the greatest means to victory.

9. “And the relief comes through distress.”
Distress that afflicts a believer, comes along with it’s relief.

10. “And along with difficulty comes ease.”

Source: Pg 40, Guidelines to Raising Children, Darussalam.


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